I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me – Thanks Dubliners

This is just a fantastic ballad done mostly by Barney McKenna of the Dubliners who opened my eyes as wide as they can be.  What a performance.  I was compelled to take it on.  So here is Bob’s version of “I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me”.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

If you would like a list (with links) of the songs I’ve published on youtube please give me a shout at bob@kmocoffee.com

My Youtube user name is bobjohnson1945 and I have a bunch out there and more coming so please subscribe to this blog or to my youtube channel.

Bob Johnson

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Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain –> Bob Johnson, 2/22/09 Wachula Auditorium

Performed during the Hardee County Players Fundraiser in the Wachula Florida Auditorium February 22, 2009

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Angel Band –> Bob Johnson with Tresea and Greg Frazier

Performed in Wachula Florida in the City Hall Auditorium during a fundraiser for the Hardee County Players.  Tresea sings lead here.  Greg’s on bass.

Sing Along –> get those lungs moving.

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Aragon Mill by Coffee House Grass at Pete Wernick Dr. Banjo’s Jam Camp


Here is the result of the practice.  Coffee House Grass performed Aragon Mill as part of the Jamboree at the Pete Wernick, Dr. Banjo, Jam Camp in the YMCA Herring Ridge camp.  It is part of Merle Fest 2009

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