Circumventing 22nd Amendment

The presidency is limited to two terms by the 22nd amendment. I’m sure Congress did not anticipate a husband and wife team when it was written. So I ask:is this election an effort to circumve…

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Almost August

Sturdy brethren. Standing up to the heat. Pretty courageous. 

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Powerful Lady Powerful Words

Listen to Laura Ingram.

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This has been a great year for growth.  And the sequencing is beautiful. Mother Nature. Ain’t she a site to behold. Waiting for native asters in shady groves. 

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Happy Fathers Day

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Sing Me Back Home and Too Old To Die Young: Two Great Songs

Sing Me Back Home and Too Old To Die Young: Two Great Songs.

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Goodnight Irene

I love this song.  Tonight we decided to serenade the folks as they were putting everything away.  It was a great night.  The audience was terrific.  So a good way to end the evening is:

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Silent Night – Merry Christmas

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This Land is Your Land – Woody Guthrie, For Arlo, By Bob Johnson

This is my favorite song and I had a good time singing and recording it and putting this video together the year the Philly’s won the Series.  My kids live one at the Atlantic and one at the Pacific, and I’m thinking about hopping a freight.

And if you want great coffee.  Come with me to the promised land.

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Roseville Fair for Julia and Johnny

Charlotte, please pass this along.  It is from a show I was a part of in Wachula, Florida in 2008.

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