Sing Me Back Home and Too Old To Die Young: Two Great Songs

Sing Me Back Home and Too Old To Die Young: Two Great Songs.

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Goodnight Irene

I love this song.  Tonight we decided to serenade the folks as they were putting everything away.  It was a great night.  The audience was terrific.  So a good way to end the evening is:

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Silent Night – Merry Christmas

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This Land is Your Land – Woody Guthrie, For Arlo, By Bob Johnson

This is my favorite song and I had a good time singing and recording it and putting this video together the year the Philly’s won the Series.  My kids live one at the Atlantic and one at the Pacific, and I’m thinking about hopping a freight.

And if you want great coffee.  Come with me to the promised land.

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Roseville Fair for Julia and Johnny

Charlotte, please pass this along.  It is from a show I was a part of in Wachula, Florida in 2008.

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Sing Me Back Home and Too Old To Die Young

Two great songs: Sing Me Back Home; Too Old To Die Young.  I hope you enjoy them.

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Floyd Country Store, Floyd, Virginia – Best Jamming Ever

Is this not great music.  Leo, should we invite them to your Monday Night Jams?

I had the great pleasure of spending a few days with my good and generous friend Ivan Sexton (hear Ivan sing Peace in the Valley).  Ivan moved to Catawba, Va. recently and now visits and plays at the Floyd Country Store frequently.  I joined him on July 23, 2010 and we played in the street for four or five hours.  Nothing better.

For those of you who have not seen Ivan recently, here is a picture of him with his beloved dog “Kentucky”.  This is the friendliest dog you would want to see.  And man can she run and jump.

Ivan and Kentucky in Catawba, Va.

And while we played at Floyd a fellow sat across from us and he too had a Martin HD 28 LSV, a Clarence White version.  It’s the first time I’ve seen one just like mine.  Turns out he bought it in 2001, as I did.  He told me Martin is now only making the Signature version, so ours will no longer be made.  Maybe they will be worth something someday, but for now, they sure do sound great, and the large sound hole produces sweet music.  Gotta keep the volume down though, as the guy sitting next to you may appreciate some hearing room.

HD 28 LSV, just like mine


Leo and Sherri’s Jam in Cape May Courthouse June 21, 2010

No Jam in the United States and Maybe the world serves food like this.


Bruce and John having fun

Cathy and I try to make every one of Leo’s and Sherri’s Jams.  It is a great venue, good people, good music, variety, incredible food.  It is authentic.  Period.  Friendly.  Joyful.
Tonight was no exception.  It was great.  Thanks Leo and Sherri.
Bob Johnson

Authentic, Frequently Used, Functional, No Electric, No water wasted

 And just for the record, this is the best darn outhouse in the world.

Bob Johnson

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I Ain’t Going to Drill No More

New song:

I ain’t gonna drill no more, no more

I ain’t gonna drill no more

I don’t give a damn if you need more oil

I ain’t gonna drill no more.

You probably can figure out the tune.


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Four Green Fields – A Tribute to Tommy Makem

God Bless You Tommy Makem

I recorded Four Green Fields in 1989 at Marist College when our group The Frobisher Bay Volunteers was documenting our repetoire of Irish Songs. 

In my youtube account, user bobjohnson1945 you’ll find 40 great songs.

I’m still singing Irish but not as much.  This week at the jam at my home I hope to get a few sung.

It was a great disappointment to lose all the Clancey’s and Tommy Makem this last few years.  Makem was so smooth and yet had an intensity and emotional connection that was magnetic.  His song Four Green Fields will be around a long time.

It is good to have peace in Ireland.  Cathy and I visited in 1987 or 88 and we found ourselves in a couple of situations where guns were drawn.  One took place when we entered the North and the checkpoint police pointed loaded AK 47’s – not sure they were AK’s but they were the biggest things I’d ever seen – at both of us.  We had a station wagon and innocently and naively covered our luggage in the rear, not a good idea when bombs were being driven to the North by car.

In Belleek we stayed with a friend, Tommy Burns in his Inn, The Hotel Carlton,(he gave us a fishing cottage for our stay) and walked in Belleek in the evening.  We bumped into a patrol of six or so soldiers, three on each side of the street, all pointing rifles at the rooftops and alleys defending against snipers.  It was not a good way to live.

In  Enniskillen   we could not park on the street; it was illegal to leave your car unattended.  A few days after we left this beautiful town, a car bomb exploded and killed 11 people.

I cannot imagine what it was like to live with this constant threat.   It is good to have peace.

We made friends with Leo Keohane in Shannon and I’d be much obliged if someone could contact him and ask him to send me mail:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.


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